Comprehensive Immigration Reform - ACLU Has Reservations

A number of Long Island residents rallied in support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform in Hempstead, East Hampton and Southampton on Long Island last weekend. Some of them were concerned about immigration bills introduced by New York Senator Charles Schumer, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez and Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Andrea Callan of the Suffolk County New York Chapter of the A.C.L.U. says her organization has a problem with the proposed national ID cards.

Ms. Callan  told the Southampton rally
 "Senator Schumer has introduced a bill including a requirement for all workers to carry a bio-metric ID card.  This requires everyone to go to a government office to have their retina or other body part scanned. They will need to carry the card to get a job and to go to work.  President Obama has a pretty good sense of the need for privacy and security but what will happen when the next "Bush Era" comes along and they want to expand this program to things that were not intended...  I live in an apartment complex and I will have to have the card scanned to get in the gate? "
Callan says the ACLU does support a path for immigrant citizenship, but there should be due process in immigration court and a halt to local enforcement of immigration law. 
from a WPKN Radio News report May 5.
WPKN Radio 88.7 Montauk, 89.5 Bridgeport