May 13, 2010 UPDATED

In this week's report (scroll down or click on links) :

* Don't Forget Horton Ave: Newsday story on flooding

from News Review - Riverhead:  "Shirley Coverdale, a director of the Long Island Organizing Network, is hoping to spread the word to anyone affected by last month's monster rain storm to report their damages to the town and county."

* Poets for Haiti: help them raise funds to re-build Port-au-Prince library.

Jim Henry (Submerging Markets) Report from Haiti  

* More from Jim Henry - Haiti Live Blog 
Three months after the January 12th earthquake, you've still got at least 1.5 mm people "living" in Port au Prince, the capital city, in crowded camps of tents and makeshift shacks. Hurricane season in Haiti is June-November, and NOAA, the US weather agency, says there could be multiple Caribbean hurricanes this year alone.

On Saturday April 10, Kathy Engel and the group Poets for Ayiti read their work at Canio's Books, Sag Harbor.  Their chapbook Poems for Haiti: For the Crowns of Your Heads is available with proceeds going to help restore the 
Bibliotheque du Soleil in Port-Au-Prince.  

See the Poets for Ayiti blog-click here

The  Commitee for Peace in Israel/Palestine  has launched a new educational web site / blog  

The blog presents the facts on the ground as viewed by leading journalists and academics who advocate for a just solution to the ongoing conflict betwen
Israel and Palestine. 

Featured on the blog now are articles by Israeli-American professor Bernard Avishai: "the occupation is ruining our lives" and mid-east correspondent of the Independent (UK)

Robert Fisk : "Both the United States and Europe stand idly by while the Israeli government effectively destroys any hope of a Palestinian state; destroying the last chance for peace"

Also featured is an analysis of the recent speech by US General David Petraeus  who says Israel's policies foment anti-American sentiment and terrorism.

Ordinary Injustice: Jim Henry looks at the U.S. criminal (in)justice system and recommends the book "Ordinary Injustice" by Amy Bach


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