Report Back from Southampton Village Board Meeting: Lamison is Appointed to Det. Sergeant

On Friday Feb 11 the Southampton Village Board met with an agenda which included the situation concerning Detective Herman Lamison's appointment to Detective Sergeant. Despite a recommendation by the Village Police Chief the appointment has been held up for some time.

As the Board met last Friday it again seemed that they were not going to appoint Detective Herman Lamison to Detective Sergeant and there was an attempt to promote him to Sergeant.

The meeting, which started at 6pm and lasted until after midnight, was attended by over 200 people who were in support of Det. Lamison and included citizens from the Southampton Town Anti-Bias Task Force, OLA (the Latin American Organization of Eastern LI), the NAACP, Suffolk Minorities Involved in Law Enforcement (SMILE) and East End clergy including Rev. Dozier.

After speeches by Eastern Long Island NAACP President Lucius Ware, veteran civil rights activist and ABTF member Bob Zellner and several others, the Village Board voted 5-0 to appoint Mr. Lamison to Detective Sergeant effective February 18.

Reported by Andre Collins