Campaign for "Democracy Now" on WLIW Channel 21

A message from Pat Goldsmith at LI Media Watch:

We are starting a campaign to bring award-winning journalist Amy Goodman’s DemocracyNOW! news program to WLIW Channel 21.

According to the Washington Post, “DemocracyNOW! retains a jagged and intriguing edge.”
DN! uses no embedded journalists and has no corporate sponsors. Goodman’s one journalistic ethic? Never trade independence for access. When the mainstream media got it wrong in the run-up to the war on Iraq, Amy Goodman got it right.

But aside from Goodman’s undoubted merits as a journalist, we need to push Public Television to report the whole truth as the radical right wing pushes harder and
harder to control content and even censor PBS programming.

Let’s take back our public TV!

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Fill out the from and insert your comments on programming.

Suggested comment:

I think Amy Goodman's hour-long news program DemocracyNOW! would be a wonderful addition to the Channel 21 lineup. I want my DemocracyNOW!

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