Thursday, October 2, NOON-2:00 PM

At the Office of Rep Tim Bishop—3680 Route 112 Coram—his office is located in a building on the west side of Rte 112 just south of Rte 25.

Say NO to the bail out of the Wall Street Banks.

Say YES to the bail out of the working people.

Say YES to the bail out of those people who are losing their homes.

Let’s bail out our health care system.

Let’s bail out our Social Security system.

If you can not get there on Thursday please call Rep Bishop at 631-696-4162 or fax him at 631-696-4520 and tell him to vote “NO” on this legislation……

Organized by the South Country Peace Group….we hope all progressive organizations on Long Island will join us.

Recommended Reading: James S. Henry offers an alternative in The Nation