Letter to Tim Bishop: Your Vote to Fund the Iraq War

Note: after posting this letter we were reminded that at a Town Meeting in Bellport in December Mr. Bishop pledged to vote no more funds for the Iraq war.

March 17, 2005

Dear Mr. Bishop:

There is no possible justification for voting more billions for the war against Iraq. There is no exit strategy and the Bush administration has no plans for leaving while they have control of the Iraqi economy. The laws of the US imposed regime are still in effect... if we leave the Iraqis may succeed in reclaiming their oil and power over contracts.

The only way to stop the war, the killing of ours and theirs and the world-wide terrorism our actions engender is to stop funding the war.

We should get out and fund an international effort to re-build what we destroyed in Iraq.

Bring our troops home NOW!

yours for peace,

Anthony Ernst

Southampton , NY