Week of January 13, 2011

Udated January 15, 2011 

"The fabric of democracy is always fragile everywhere
because it depends on the will of citizens to protect it, 
and when they become scared,  
when it becomes dangerous for them to defend it, 
it can go very quickly."

Margaret Atwood, The Progressive, Dec 2010/Jan 2011

Friday Morning Rally for Civility in Southampton

Civil Rights Activist Bob Zellner on Violence in Arizona and the South 

Cities of Peace Festival at Guild Hall: Program for Saturday Jan 15

Martin Luther King Day Observances

Clothing Drive for workers in East Hampton:

What are needed are jackets (not full-length coats, too hard to work in), sweaters, sweatshirts, knit hats or earmuffs and, most especially, GLOVES.

Call 917 224 7098 to arrange pickup or e-mail  carlaash@msn.com

Clothing needed in Southampton:
 Please call me if you have men's winter coats or other warm winter clothing you are not using.
I have info for donating this for day-laborers in the Southampton area.

Tony Ernst

Winter in the Holy Land 
As winter arrives we keep warm as best we can but what if our house were destroyed by an occupying army? .... more

Bernie Sanders Stands Tallest  Stephen Herrington in Huffpost: It's in the hands of the capricious gatekeepers of history now, this day December 10 of the year 2010. There have been filibusters, but not in the memory of any living American has such a rhyme to the ages and passion to justice been brought to the floor of the United States Senate.

Senator Bernie Sanders: how we address the deficit crisis in a fair and progressi 


From the Sag Harbor Express: 

A Conversation with Elizabeth Haile, Rev. Holly Haile Davis and Rev. Alison Cornish