Week of November 11 - Veterans Day


from the East Hampton Star: 
 Sag Harbor   October 28, 2010
To the Editor,
    We are a warrior nation with an obscene military budget. In times of deep recession and millions in economic depression, 59 percent of our taxes relate to war.
    The powers that be in Washington often speak of perpetual war as if it was our destiny. A curse upon our children and grandchildren — we have already used their credit cards to sustain our wars.
    Has reverence for life been compromised by the gods of war, whether they be oil, money, or to change the hearts and minds of people we don’t even know? Yes, there are lives in the balance.
    For a moment, let us reflect on the lives of our young men and women who fight our wars in our name. To do so they had to give up their freedom and have no voice but to follow orders. Little did they anticipate being held hostage in endless wars. Then tours of duty were extended and they returned to combat as many as five times with pockets full of mind-altering drugs to withstand a living hell. Eventually they become victims of post-traumatic stress disorder, a burden they carry the rest of their lives, families included. These are crimes against humanity and no one is held responsible. There are lives in the balance.

In peace,    

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Latino Film Festival 
Friday Nov 12 


Saturday Nov 13  6pm-8pm

Parrish Art Museum, Jobs Lane Southampton

Cities of Peace

Guild Hall , Main Street in East Hampton is presenting .“Cities of Peace,” by East Hampton artist Ellen Frank through January 16.  
Gallery Talk Nov 27 3pm

The exhibition features nine 6- by 8-foot gold-illuminated works on linen that are a visual tribute to people and locations around the world.  
“Cities of Peace” includes Baghdad, Beijing, Hiroshima, Jerusalem, Kabul, Lhasa, Monrovia, New York and Sarajevo.


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