Message to Rep. Tim Bishop

You may send a message to Rep. Bishop via his web-site:

Dear Representative Bishop:

We the undersigned members of the Committee for Peace in Israel/Palestine and others of your east end constituents are urging you to call for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Gaza and to work in Congress for a peaceful, diplomatic solution to the issues between Palestine and Israel.

We urge you also to call on the new Democratic administration to abandon the failed policy of unswerving support for Israel's actions - no matter what.

The locked-in people of Gaza are hostages in a war we US citizens are funding. This must stop!

please see


Silivia Tennenbaum - Co Chair
Henry Clifford - Co Chair
Arlene Coulter
Anthony Ernst
Helen Fitzgerald
Kathryn Levy
Sigrid Meinel
David Olesker
Michael O'Neill
Joseph Policano
Victor Teich
Marjorie J Wright

A similar message was sent by members of the board of the North Fork People of Conscience.

Message 2:

Dear Tim:

The issue is Human Rights.

Last month you stood up for human rights when you issued a statement on the hate crimes in New York.
Thank you!

Now our government is funding the horrific crime against humanity taking place in Gaza, Occupied Palestine.

Please read about it from a member of one family who are victims of this on-going crime:

Shalom, Salaam, Peace

Tony Ernst
Message 3:

Issue: Human Rights

Aljazeera video:
Gazans flee homes and seek refuge in UN schools - 05 Jan 09

Congress must speak out for humanity, a stop to the killing and negotiations for peace and justice.

The automatic assumption that the Israeli war on the people of Gaza is justified on the part of some Congressional leaders is outrageous.

This is a war crime.
It will only bring more bloodshed back to Israel and to us since we are paying for this massacre.

Anthony Ernst