Kabot is New Southampton Town Supervisor

November 17

Results of the November 6 Town Board elections are in. After a re-count and a count of over 700 absentee ballots, Republican Linda Kabot emerged as the next Southampton Town Supervisor. Ms. Kabot received 4543 votes. James Henry the Democrat and Working Families party candidate trailed with 4490 votes while incumbent 'Skip' Heaney received 4041 votes. Independence Party candidate Alex Gregor received 775 votes.

Anna Throne-Holst (Democrat and Integrity Party) was elected to the Town Board along with Incumbent Nancy Groboski (Republican).

Ms. Kabot who has been serving on the Town Board will select her replacement on the board to serve until the next election.

James Henry launched a $25 million suit against Ms. Kabot charging that statements made in Kabot’s newspaper advertising were libelous. Kabot had cited Henry’s defense of the Bill of Rights as support for ‘flag burners’. The same advertisement cited his 2004 arrest in Florida at a polling place without mentioning that the charges were dismissed.