One Party United

Fact: In several past Southampton Town elections the Democratic candidate for Supervisor dropped out well before the election. In one case the candidate announced that he had stopped actively campaigning early in the campaign.

Fact: There has been one Democratic Supervisor (Mardythe di Pirro) in the last 30 years in Southampton.

Fact: Democrats frequently endorse Republican State Assemblyman Fred Thiele when he runs for office.

Fact: When it comes to significant local issues such as the sovereignty of the Shinnecock Nation and their recognition by the federal government local Democrats and Republicans unite in opposition to the tribe, denying the truth of a Federal judge's findings.

Fact: James Henry was nominated by the Southampton Town Democrats to run for Supervisor. He is in the race to stay (he says).

Fact: Democrat Tim Bishop, US Representative (1st CD) has declined to endorse Mr. Henry. According to the Southampton Press of September 6 "Mr. Bishop said he has no plans to endorse Democratic Town supervisor candidate Jim Henry—or any other supervisor candidate—owing to his 'long-standing personal relationship' with Republican Town Supervisor Patrick Heaney. Mr. Bishop explained that because of their relationship, both he and Mr. Heaney have decided to stay out of each other’s races."

Opinion: The failure of previous Democrats to stay in the Supervisor race and the failure of Mr. Bishop to support his fellow Democrat are evidence of a corrupt one party system in Southampton.

Prediction: As the rocks are lifted further evidence of a corrupt system will be uncovered.

Tony Ernst
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