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Dear Steve Levy,

Although I often agree with you Mr. Levy, I am afraid I hear from more and more of my friends that your crusade against immigrants, illegal and Latino (--but how can the distinction be made and who believes they are separated?) appears to have become obsessive no matter how much people have been riled up against them, no matter how much it raises your popularity.
It must be clear by now that you have put Suffolk in jeopardy, citizen and non-citizen residents, are now paying the price. Even people who agree with you see how counter productive venting your spleen publicly has become.
For god's sake, for your own and ours, please step back from this brinksmanship. It seems that it is now taking on a life of its own and it will only become worse if you persist in this dangerous venue. Remember Bull Connor, Orville Fabus, George Wallace all became wildly popular, locally, in their states. The popularity even became the impetus for a serious or at least significant Wallace presidential bid, stopped only by a bullet. Look at their place in history now.
If even many supporters, like myself, have become leery and concerned where this is all leading, nobody--especially people of color--doubts your crusade has become disturbing, even very divisive and they are worried, believe me very worried. they are being made to pay the price for the emboldened nativism and yes, even racism of the extremists who have come out of the woodwork to feed off this division that we see all over Suffolk County.

Thank you,

Tom Leo
East Hampton