Alternative Radio for the East End

This week the community radio station WPKN of Bridgeport at 89.5 FM added a new transmitter broadcasting from Montauk at 88.7 with call sign WPKM. The station is a source for alternative international and national news and decidedly non-commercial music. It is entirely funded by listener contributions and programmed by a group of 160 volunteers and 2 paid employees. WPKM will serve the East Hampton and Southold areas. The WPKN signal is stronger in Southampton and areas to the west. As WPKM went on the air the station was in the midst of raising funds.. but there is much to be heard at these frequencies.

In particular WPKN originates a weekly syndicated news magazine called "Between the Lines" heard Tuesday at 5:30pm, Wednesday at 7:30 am and Saturday at 2pm. The program "Counterpoint" heard Monday evening at 8pm features interviews with experts on international issues. Both programs are produced by a team headed by Scott Harris.

In addition a daily (Mon-Fri) news cast "Free Speech Radio News", distributed by Pacifica Radio is heard at 6pm. This is just part of what WPKN and WPKM offer in the public affairs area.

A group of East Enders active in peace and social justice organization wrote to WPKN Program Director Luis Pomales last week. They welcomed WPKM to the East End but requested that the station also be an outlet for news of our area and they indicated that a newscast covering the concerns of peace and justice groups would be greatly appreciated. They also requested that Pacifica Radio's "Democracy Now", not available in much of the East End, be added to the schedule.

We understand that WPKN is actively considering this proposal and urge you to stay tuned!