Vets Support Our Troops - Call for Bringing Them Home Now

The east end community and our country owe a debt to veterans Ed Gorman and Joe Giannini and all the members of East End Veterans and not only for the service they gave in WW II and Vietnam but also for their wisdom and their courage in speaking out now about the war in Iraq.

Their message is that the current war, like Vietnam, is not about fighting for freedom and democracy and that the best way to support our troops is to call for bringing them home now.

Last week's ceremony on the Green in East Hampton will have a sequel on Saturday March 19 in Southampton. The East Hampton memorial service with 1500 grave markers representing US soldiers who died in Iraq was organized by East End Veterans led by Mr. Gorman and Mr. Giannini and included also Ed Stateman and a young veteran of the Iraq war.

This Saturday March 19 we can join East End Vets in Southampton for a march and rally. We will assemble at Town Hall on Hampton Road at 1 pm and march carrying the grave markers, crosses, stars of David and crescent moons to Agawam Park for a rally to end the war in Iraq.

For more information about East End Veterans and Saturday's events you may
contact Joe Giannini 267-6666 or Ed Stateman 728-5387