Honor the Dead

As we approach the March 19 second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq the number of dead American GIs has climbed over 1500. (The Iraqi dead far exceed this number). Many activities are planned to commemorate the anniversary and to honor the dead.

Here at home during the next two weekends there are activities planned in East Hampton, Sag Harbor, Southampton, Greenport, Stony Brook, New York City and Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Details of all these events are to be found in our Peace and Justice Calendar.

In particular a memorial service this Saturday at 1pm in East Hampton at Hook Mill will honor the 1500 plus dead GIs. Veterans and families of the fallen will speak and 1500 grave markers will be placed on the green where they will remain until the following Saturday when they will be taken to Southampton Town Hall for another service and a march to Agawam Park.

To end the war it is not an option to do nothing. With so many activities to choose from we must show where we stand!