Strategy Session on Affordable Housing in Sag Harbor

Attention Sag Harbor residents and those with friends in Sag Harbor:
Pass this along if you believe we need affordable housing:

The South Fork Chapter of the Long Island Progressive Coalition

invites you to a

Strategy Session on Affordable year-round Residential Housing in Sag Harbor

Do you think that Sag Harbor has a housing crisis?
Do you know people who need housing but cannot afford it?
Will our kids have to leave here when they're grown?

If you answered YES to any of these questions
join our strategy session

Tuesday, June 26 at 7 pm
Christ Episcopal Church Parish Hall, 2nd floor
East Union & Hampton Road
Sag Harbor

We believe that every new development project should include affordable housing.

Together we will create a sound strategy to establish affordable
year-round residential housing in Sag Harbor.

For more information contact 725-1149

The South Fork Chapter of the Long Island Progressive Coalition promotes healthy, equitable, and environmentally sustainable policies that affect the quality of life in East Hampton and Southampton Towns.
We feel it is particularly important to fight for the hopes and aspirations of the less powerful in our community.

The economic and cultural diversity of our communities is a source of -strength and we want to ensure that the rights of all residents are respected.

We believe that our government has an obligation to be responsive to the citizens it represents, to promote citizen involvement in all local affairs, and to plan wisely for the long term good of all its residents.

As a chapter- member of the Long Island Progressive Coalition we seek to build a coalition with progressive groups that share these values and commitments