Democrats, Mr.Spitzer and Justice

The Southampton Democratic Club will meet Saturday, Feb 25 at 10am at the Princess Diner on Route 27. The public is invited to share breakfast.

A representative of the gubernatorial campaign of Elliot Spitzer will be in attendance. Mr. Spitzer is the present New York Attorney General.

Last year after intense lobbying on behalf of representatives of convenience stores, a New York State law was passed which would require stores on Indian reservations to charge the state tax on tobacco and gasoline starting March 1.

On Long Island this would have the effect of closing down numerous businesses, employing a large number of Native Americans on the Poospatuck and Shinnecock reservations. Governor Pataki is reported to be delaying the implementation of the law but Mr. Spitzer has stated that it should be enforced.

This may be a good opportunity to remind Mr. Spitzer that the law should be about justice.